Race Report - Sunday 20-Oct-2019 - Rebel Run / Munster X-Country

Race Report - Sunday 20-Oct-2019 - Rebel Run / Munster X-Country

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Race Report - Sunday 20-Oct-2019 - Rebel Run / Munster X-Country

October 23, 2019

A small, yet determined troupe of Ballymore Cobh rapscallions and reprobates made their way to Bishopstown for the annual Rebel Run event. 

Helens are ladies who are so fly and fabulous that every girl wants to be one. Girls are jealous of their gorgeous hair and flawless skin. Guys just want to get closer to them. 

They are naturally very smart and intelligent, not having to study for tests and still pass. And we have one of our own who gave a very good showing of herself at the Rebel Run 10k - the very excellent Helen Hayes (63:25). 

He's so hench, he makes the Hulk look like a 4 year old 

Big boii: "Dude, what was that?" 

Dwight: "It's friggin' Greg movin' the universe again." 

Like thunder and lightning, goddamnit, he's so exciting. 

Greg McCauley (52:23) burning it up over 10k, baby.  

Marias are generally pretty tall with adorable hands and the cutest feet. They're the kind of person who'd eat a whole pizza by themselves and not gain weight. Like, what? Our Maria doesn't like olives, unless they're in her martini.

Bringing her teaching skills to the fore and giving all around her a lesson in the art of the sprint finish was the ever super cool and composed Maria Coffey (49:22)

Aidans give the best hugs. Really. Feels like you're in heaven when you're in his arms. Their weaknesses include, but are not limited to, mangoes, compulsively exercising "just because", fresh razorblades and kittens. 

Strengths include, but are not limited to, being an epic gamer, compulsively exercising "just because", possessing a frightening knowledge of the history of the Cork County Novice B Cross Country Championship and being, (totes obvs) outrageously handsome. 

Girl 1: "Oh my God, I stayed all night talking to Aidan! It was soooo amazing and it was so easy to talk to him."

Girl 2: "He sound's so sweet, I wish I was friends with him." 

Aidan O'Riordan (47:23) cemented a quite impressive 14th position in the O/50 category.  

She loves to rollerblade, to cuddle, be carried around and make forts. She'll only dine out of it's Jacob's On The Mall, she says. Twas far from Jacob's On The Mall she was reared, the cheeky pup! 

She's ran the 5k and had a great day - Mary De Barra (24:45) with a top-notch 1st place in the O/50 category. How's about that, then?  

Our sole retrobate, sorry, representative, at the Munster Novices Cross Country Championships held at Limerick Racecourse was this guy. Often seen attempting to peddle boxes of dubious-looking fireworks from the boot of his car at this time of the year, this Shane doesn't quite fit the bill as per your typical Shane - the kind that has gorgeous blue eyes and a devilish smile that makes you wonder what he is thinking, though he'll never tell you. He has the most random thoughts and can make you laugh until you cry. 

Girl 1: "OMGG, did you see Shane today at school? I think he glanced at me! He's such a snack." 

Girl 2: "I want to date Shane sooo bad, he's at my church group." 

P.S. Shane if you see this, give me a simple thumbs up and say the word "Ballymore." I'll know. 52nd place from a field of 61 finishers over a muddy 6k course was the fruit of his labours. A good effort, given the quality of athlete that competed at this provincial championship.  

A salute to all of our athletes who donned their singlets and gave it their best over the weekend just gone. Good on ya, guys.